Paddington 4064

Art Galleries

Visit Paddington, the best destination in Brisbane for contemporary and classic art exhibitions.

  • Lethbridge Gallery

    Lethbridge Gallery has a strong reputation for showing a diverse range of technically accomplished, high quality artworks. New exhibitions are shown in the gallery approximately every two weeks and consist of both established and emerging artists.

    136 Latrobe Terrace

    Paddington QLD 4064

  • Percolator Gallery

    Percolator Gallery is a rental art gallery space available for short term hire. It is situated in the heart of the Paddington Gallery Precinct, Brisbane, Queensland. Percolator Gallery showcases contemporary art work by emerging & established artists.

    134 Latrobe Terrace

    Paddington QLD 4064

  • The Studio Brisbane

    The Studio Brisbane is a blank canvas ready to host inspiring events and workshops, to reawaken creativity, rekindle our connection with nature and to provide a safe space for knowledge and conversation to be shared.

    139 Latrobe Terrace

    Paddington QLD 4064

  • Aspire Gallery

    Aspire, is an art gallery and treasure shop found in the heart of Brisbane's No 1 Art Precinct.

    At Aspire we love artistic and designer art, jewellery and giftware.

    53 Kennedy Terrace

    Paddington QLD 4064

  • Bowerbird Collections

    Inspired by the bower of our native bird, Bowerbird Collections is the home of gorgeous treasures that will light up any interior. 

    Our focused attention to the integrity and craftsmanship of our collection ensures that what we offer is the very best. Our custom range of products includes ceramic lamps, lampshades, art, designer fabrics, ceramics, fashion, cushions, accessories, wallpaper and jewellery.

    117 Enoggera Terrace

    Paddington QLD 4064

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